thredUP reviews: SOOO awesome!

“ThredUp is a consignment store ONLINE! Which is SOOO awesome!  I lurv to shop online, but I always like to score a deal at a consignment store as well!  This is the best of both world.  It’s so nice to also be able to filter on the things you want to find! They buy from families, and then hand pick the BEST items to sell.  They have children’s clothing and just recently added Women’s clothing! Here are some things I found on the site today!  Obviously things change frequently, so it’s really fun to check out what is available…”


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thredUP reviews: I was very impressed. The dress looked and felt like new.

“I was all about sending my unwanted items to Thredup but was unsure of what a second hand item would look like if I purchased one. I was very impressed. The dress looked and felt like new. I saw zero stains, and it looked freshly pressed. Claire clearly enjoyed running around in it too, plus it is just so cute on her! I am in the process of filling up a bag. All those Gap items I get for Claire that she literally wears twice are heading to Thredup ASAP.  Now that they offer women’s clothing I am interested to see what they sell and cannot wait to send them some of my nicer items that I do not wear anymore.”


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thredUP reviews: ThredUp is keeping me in my budget for school clothes.

“I just got my order and I am so happy with the price and the quality. I am doing my preschool shopping (daughter starts in Sept) a little each month and with ThedUp my daughter will have a closet full and I won’t spend half the price they would cost in stores. ThredUp is keeping me in my budget for school cloths. I am getting twice the amount of product for the price. Also, thank you parents who are sending the items in that I am purchasing. The quality is amazing.”


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