Team thredUP shares their favorite reviews. Please note a number of these reviews are from paid influencers or influencers who have been gifted product. Thanks and enjoy!

9 thoughts

  1. I just wanted to say I just purchased a pair of jeans for $8.00 and they fit just GREAT! this is also my second purchase from your company and I am very happy with my items.

  2. I was very disappointed in your company and I will not use you in the future. I sent a bag with over 30 boys items that would normally have earned more than $100 at our local consignment store. I am still waiting to receive $11 for the items I sent to your company. I would have donated all of the items instead of receiving $11. Very disappointed!

    1. Hi Wendy! We are sorry for any disappointment in the processing of you bag. We do keep very detailed records of all bags and items processed, and the team would be happy to look into the specific processing of you bag and answer any questions you have. Please message us at SUPPORT@THREDUP.COM with the bag number and the will follow up to any and all concerns you have. Thanks

  3. i looked at 7 pages of dresses and they looked a lot alike maybe the other things you sell are better but i wouldn’t haul them off for 20.00 dollars. sorry it must be a young girl thing. there are older women that like classes clothes

  4. I am so disappointed in thredUP. I was looking for something nice in Plus size clothing. Plus size is XL, XXL and so on. I did not find anything above an L and L is not plus size.

  5. I wanted to say that I stumbled upon your shop after becoming pregnant. It was honestly the biggest score I could find, since I know I will not be wearing the clothing long and neither will my fast-growing baby. I love the brands, the quality and the packaging. I will frequent your shop often as long as the prices stay as competitive as they are.Thank you, thank you!

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