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Hello Friends!
Recently I posted about ordering and receiving my thredUP orders.  Like I said before, I discovered this site on a blog that I enjoy, Oak & Oats.  It is a really cool concept.  Basically it is Plato’s Closet only much more organized and online.  I definitely love this site.  After one order, I was hooked!  And friends, I am going to tell you why!
The Shoes
I have always had really small feet, which I love, and therefore I love to shoe shop.  It is probably one of the only kinds of clothes shopping that I truly enjoy.  It is definitely one of the few where I am like, “I think I need a smaller size!”  That being said, I also love boots!  I swear my favorite fashion trend is black leggings and boots! I love them!  So when I stumbled on these babies, I knew a purchase had to be made!

2 thoughts

  1. WOW! I cannot say enough about Thredup. I placed my first order Monday and received everything today (Saturday). My selections are awesome! Everything was packaged with care. I am completely and utterly addicted! I will be sharing with everyone! Great concept! Keep up the good work! You have another loyal customer! Thanks again to the Thredup Team!

  2. I have not ordered from ThredUp yet but heard about them through Facebook. I unfortunately am getting mostly negative reviews due to first people having to sign up before they can view the site and second the clothes not being as low as many thrift shops are when shopping face to face. Lastly calling themselves a thrift shop so I think some people are getting disappointed when they see the state of the clothes. I am on the fence but will give it a try…I guess because I love shopping and might even sell. I will review back on how that goes. Thanks :)

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