Earn some summer spending cash and clear the closets. It is a win-win!

You may be saying, “Gently used? Are you kidding? My kids wear their clothes out!”  I bet you once you start digging you’ll find some really great pieces to send in.  If your kids are like mine, they wear their favorites over and over again, leaving the rest of what is in their closet to be practically new. And, thredUp is willing to pay you for them!  They are preparing for back-to-school and need some fabulous clothes and shoes to sell!

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 11.02.25 AM

See full blog post from A Mom in Red High Heels 

7 thoughts

  1. I must say the payout has dramatically decreased since they first started. I recently sent in a bag with some name brand brand new items (toms shoes, banana republic dress etc.) And these items did not even appear in my payout. I would have been better off giving then to the needy.

      1. Hi Heather! We are able to pull very detailed information about the processing of your bag, and answer any questions you have about the processing, quality standards and pricing. If you will please message us at support@thredup.com with the bag number, the team will be happy to pull this information and answer any questions you have.

    1. I strongly agree first couple of times I sent in bags normally received 40.00-60.00 my past bag I received 6.23 that will be my last bag I send not worth my time

      1. Hi Nicole~ If you have any further questions about the specific payouts on the items in your bag, we are able to look into the processing of your bag and give you additional detailed information on the items accepted and their specific payouts. If you will email the team at support@thredup.com with the bag number or the email address for your thredUP account, they will be happy to take care of all your questions and concerns.

  2. It is probably great to purchase the nice things but you make nothing when you try to sell on ThredUp. You get nothing.

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