The clothing were in impeccable condition, and much of it (more than we had originally believed) were new with tags.

Our latest box full of clothing for the kids arrived last weekend, but I am just now getting around to writing about it. We love getting a ThredUp box in the door, and opening it up is so exciting because it always contains such beautiful clothes. I never even look at dresses, when I am out shopping for the kids, because the dresses I love for my little girl usually costs $30 and up, and it is rare to find any for less than $10. With ThredUp, I am able to get 8 dress for $30 before any discounts, and quite often they are in like-new condition. We have been ThredUp customers, since 2012 and I am thrilled to say that the quality of ThredUp’s clothes are just as great (if not better), as it was, when we first started shopping at ThredUp.


See full blog post from Frugality is Free

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