thredUP reviews: my New Year’s resolution is to clean out my closet

“…If you’d rather not deal with all the work it takes to sell your own items, you should consider the recommendations below. All you have to do is send your unwanted clothes and shoes to these places for FREE. Then they will sell your items for you. With this you will get less money than if you would sell them yourself, but you don’t have to do anything. So it will save you time and effort…Thredup – This is my favorite online thrift store. You will get 10-40% commission on how much your clothes sell for. There is a calculator for you to get an idea on how much you’d earn. Thredup also accept kids clothing. So if you have younger siblings who have outgrown their clothes, this is a great option…”

See full blog post from Sales-aholic

2 thoughts

  1. Given the recent negative reviews I am not likely to fill up the bag I was planning to use to clean out my closet! Better to itemize them, donate to my local center/shelter that gives me a receipt and take the tax deduction as I’ve done in the past. The return based on the value of the donations is better than Thred Up.

    1. Hi Sandy! We do our best to provide full transparency about what to expect when sending your clean out bag.You can view the payouts on our site here for the most up to date information on each brand and category paid out: Also more information on standards and acceptance here: Please message the team if you have any further questions at SUPPORT@THREDUP.COM. Thanks

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