thredUP reviews: I stuffed my first bag full and just got my first payout–$45.10.

“…Having a squirmy little one increases the wonder of online shopping. And since Alice is just a baby and doesn’t need to try things on, I can just hop online and look around for things for her when she needs ‘em–thrift things like a pair of babyGap jeans for $3.79. Or an adorable blue and white striped dress that is one of my favorites…And let me add–they don’t just have baby clothes! They have women’s clothes which you can sort by brand, color, price level–I love it! (And I love the Banana Republic black pencil skirt that I found–that was a well-spent $14 if I may say so.) Ok, and let me add one more ringing endorsement: you can order what they call a “clean-out bag,” which they will deliver to your door. You fill this bag with your consignment-worthy clothes, put their pre-paid UPS or USPS label on it, send it off, and they will go through and pay you for the clothes they accept (you can even get the rest returned to you, though for a fee). I stuffed my first bag full and just got my first payout–$45.10.Whoopdeedoodledoo…”

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 11.12.28 AM

See full blog post from Jenna’s Everything Blog

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