thredUP reviews: I Just Bought These Steve Madden Boots for $13 and Change….Here’s How!


“With 4 kids constantly needing something, I rarely am able to just buy something to treat myself.  Even when I’m able to, I guilt talk myself out of it. This is no exaggeration, the only pair of boots I have are a pair of Dr. Martens that I got as a graduation present when I was 18…Well, I finally decided to use my $10 Sign Up Credit today, and was actually going to buy some clothes for my little girl, and still may since they’re having a great clearance sale right now.  She’s pretty well stocked up right now though.  I decided to take a look in the women’s shoes and see what I could find, and I found the Steve Madden boots pictured above. The are regularly priced at reportedly over $80.  They had them priced (as used but in almost perfect condition) at $20.49. With my $10 credit and then another couple bucks for shipping, it took my total to $13.48 SHIPPED!”

See the full blog post from Holy Jeans & My Favorite Things

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