thredUP reviews: I’ve been pleased with everything I’ve purchased

“…This is my oldest daughter who is 5. This is one of her favorite dresses, which came from ThredUP. Last year I purchased most of their clothes from ThredUP which was a great blessing (I had a lot of store credit). I’ve been pleased with everything I’ve purchased from them. A few things they shipped to me with a sticker saying it was flawed, and sent it along for free. Most of the items I couldn’t even find a flaw!…Our 3 year old was delighted to wear a new dress today. This dress also came from ThredUP but she had to wait until she grew a little bit to wear it. It is a Land’s End dress…Last year when I was getting clothes off ThredUP, I saw this one in the 18 month size brand new with tags! I couldn’t resist getting it, and she has worn it all summer. LOVE it! It is just so feminine and sweet. Everything baby girls should be.”

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 3.01.55 PM

See full blog post from The Modest Mom Blog

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