thredUP reviews: a heck of a lot of easier and less stressful than hunting for deals with your toddler in tow.

“I’m a consignment girl through and through. The name brand, low cost, dependable threads that can be found on the racks in a consignment shop are unbeatable in my opinion. Well, there is Goodwill, and while I am not against shopping for clothes there, I can get worn out from the time it takes to hunt for gently used pieces. And now that my child isn’t content to coo and sleep her carseat anymore but rather prefers to make hide outs from the clothes racks and channel Scarlet O’Hara drama when she doesn’t get her way, even braving the consignment stores can be a bit daunting…So when Jordan introduced her readers {of which you should consider being!} to Thred Up, an online consignment store for kiddos and their mommas, I was hooked! She included a disclaimer for not being responsible for how addicted we become, and she was right to do so.


See full blog post from (RE)visionary Life

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