thredUP reviews: ThredUp was heaven sent

“I’ve always secretly wanted to go to Comic-Con to cheer on all of my fantasy and sci-fi shows. The only thing that has stopped me (besides having little to no money for traveling and fees) is just what I would dress up as if I went. But luckily, this year, ThredUp was heaven sent. ‘Cause with all the low budget-y wears that I found, I could be a superhero finding where all the clearance and on-sale items abound! With my Rock and Republic gold-splattered $15.99 shirt, there’s no way others wouldn’t recognize my work. This could be my official costume, too, since I think I look pretty cute in it, don’t you? And before I go off to perform my superhero duties in my chuck cuites, I just wanted to take a second to thank ThredUp for all of my totally awesome wears and I can’t wait to hear what all of you come home with when you visit there !!!”


See full blog post from BargainBex

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