thredUP review: now ThredUP is my go to place

“According to USA Today the average family will spend $635.00 for Back to School.  I’m sure a BIG part of that is for clothes.  I can NOT see spending that.  For one I would not have that kind of money to spend, especially if that amount is per child.  Oh MY WORD!!!!  And secondly I could think of so much more that, that could buy for them. Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE to buy my kids clothes and I LOVE for them to look super cute and stylish.  I just don’t think that you have to spends TONS of money to make that happen.  As many who follow our blog knows, I LOVE a place called ThredUP.  Before finding them I always use to get stuff at thrift stores & yard sales.  But now ThredUP is my go to place.  And I have to say even though I have always been thrifty – I never go out that a person doesn’t say how cute my kids are dressed. So that shows that you do not have to spend tons for cute stuff…”

See full blog post from Digi-Mama’s

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