thredUP reviews: They seriously look brand new.

“…Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about ThredUp. It’s basically a consignment shop online.  And they recently added maternity clothing!  I am literally pregnant during the exact same season this time around as I was with Lincoln — I mean, my due date is his birthday.  So, I’m lucky in that sense that I really don’t have to purchase much clothes.  However, we all know that it’s nice to get a few new things…especially when some of your old maternity tops have holes the armpit.  I’m serious. I figured I’d check out ThredUp and see what they have to offer.  What I found was that I was pleasantly surprised!  Not only did they have phenomenal prices, but the selection they carry is huge!  I ended up deciding on two Motherhood tops. And yes.  I seriously payed $4.96 for BOTH tops.  Shipped…”

See full blog post from The Momma Diaries

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