thredUP reviews: I found gorgeous dresses, beautiful coats, adorable outfits and lots of school clothing

“Yesterday, I returned home from the a day out with the kids to find a big box on our door step. I had been waiting for this big box with great excitement, ever since I had put in my order last week, and as always it was thrilling opening it up. Inside of the box I found gorgeous dresses, beautiful coats, adorable outfits and lots of school clothing. What did I pay? $0.30! That’s right, I paid $0.30 for everything. I had some ThredUp credit, which I had been saving up, and when a friend of our family mentioned that finding room in the budget for school clothes was going to be difficult this year, I figured that I might as well put the credit to good use. So besides the usual dresses, coats and outfits for my baby girl, I also picked up some uniform separates and school clothes for my youngest son’s friend. She is such a sweet little girl, and I am so happy to be able to share a bit of our ThredUp happiness with her…”


See full blog post from Frugality is Free

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