thredUP reviews: ThredUP is obviously right up my alley. True fan right here!

“I took on a used clothing challenge with thredUP – I’ll only be wearing clothing I found on thredUP for this entire week and will be sharing it all here. It’s proving to really not be a challenge at all though, to be perfectly honest. Their items are all used, but consignment quality…practically brand new. I have been an avid thrift and consignment shopper since I was mmmm 10. My fam, all 8 of us, used to make a trip to the best thrift shop around about once a year. We would search out the best items, for hours and then excitedly bring our finds to my parents for the yay or nay. We always left with bundles of wonderful, maybe having spent a total of $100 (on all 8 of us). It was a fun time and we learned a very important lesson…used clothing is awwwwesome. I still completely believe that and frequent Goodwill and the consignment shops around here. Yes, of course I love J.Crew, Gap, Banana and the likes, but if I can find them used (in great shape) elsewhere…I am so there. ThredUP is obviously right up my alley. True fan right here!Btw, you can also sell your own like-new clothing to them…”


See full blog post from Life in Mod

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