thredUP reviews: Shopping at thredUP, I truly feel like I am getting the biggest “bang for my buck”.

“Fashion and bargain shopping are two of my most favorite things! Trendy clothes with an affordable price tag make me as happy as Christmas morning! I love the prices at second hand stores. However, finding fashionable and quality clothing items at consignment stores can feel like finding a needle in a haystack; you have to look through a TON of clothes in order to find a gem. I am so happy that I found a solution to my problem through thredUP. thredUP allows you to shop for “like new” fashionable clothes straight from home. thredUP hand picks quality consignment clothing for kids, juniors, and women. Once purchased from thredUP’s online store, these name brand clothing articles are shipped directly to your house! You also have the option of selling your gently used clothes to thredUP for cash. Online shopping has never been so affordable and easy…”

Image See full blog post from A Mom’s Take

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