thredUP reviews: …when I opened the box, I was overjoyed.

“…I found so many familiar designers that I love and great (affordable) pieces that I ended up coveting. Searching for clothes to purchase was so easy. You can actually search by designer, which is my favorite way to shop online. The clothes were received in the cutest, green, polka dot box. I must admit, when I opened the box, I was overjoyed.  The box stated that thredUP donates a portion of proceeds, from every thredUP bag, to support the development of high-quality teachers in our schools through “Teach for America.” I love this. I believe strongly in teaching and that little saying on the box, before even seeing the clothes, made me realize that I would be a continuous shopper at thredUP. The clothes looked perfectly new. Some even had the original tags! It’s sometimes hard to order clothes online, because it can be a challenge to see the exact fit of something you’re buying. These items looked and fit exactly how they were shown on the site…”


See full blog post from Bright and Sassy

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