thredUP review: All in EXCELLENT condition…excellent customer service

“I’m usually a HUGE thrift store and yard sale girl. Except in my area thrift stores are charging almost new prices for stuff that has seen better (way better) days. Yard sales are following in the same trend. It seems as though finding size 5 shorts and pants in good condition is a little like going snipe hunting.

[With thredUP] My items averaged out to be about $4.00 each. All in EXCELLENT condition; some with tags still in place, all name brands. (I’m not a brand snob by any means, I just know how certain brands hold up and how certain ones don’t. Seeing as Parker can wear stuff for two years I need everything I purchase to be of the holds up well camp.)



One polo top I ordered came with a little sticker telling me that it was flawed. I looked all over that shirt and could not find the flaw. And yet they had credited my account and sent it to me anyway. I call that excellent customer service.”

See full Blog review from Praying for Parker

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