thredUP review: Mint condition

“The totally awesome thing about ThredUP is that they will purchase your gently used items to list on their site for people like you and me to purchase. They have all different kinds of brands on their site from Old Navy, Gymboree, to Puma and so many more! They also have shoes! Which, for parents of young babies, you know that purchasing a pair of shoes is kind of a waste since they don’t really need them, but they look so cute with their outfits! So why not buy them used where you know they will be in excellent shape and save a ton of money while you’re at it?!?

You can also sell your clothing to ThredUP. For $4.95, they will send you a bag to fill up and send back to them (they cover the shipping)! However, if you are ordering clothes at the same time as requesting a bag, they will waive the fee for the bag!

I had the opportunity to pick out a few things for the kids…check out what I got:


The clothes arrived quickly, wrapped up nicely in a box (with bubble wrap, which was a huge plus to the kids!) and once I started pulling the clothes out, I could tell that ThredUP really takes the time to look through the clothing they sell to make sure they are in mint condition.”

See full Blog review from Diaries of a Domestic Goddess

One thought

  1. I am so obsessed with ThredUp! I love high end children’s clothing but finding it on a meager budget can be hard to do. Consignment stores in my area do not what offer the brands, styles and selections that ThredUp does. You guys rock! Ive already recommended this site to all my close friends and family. Keep up the fast shipping and excellent customer service!

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