Take it from me. ThredUP is where it’s at. They have flawless used clothing from top notch brands, all at a great price.  Yes, you could scour your local thrift shops for Spring outfits, but I am telling you…you won’t find the quality and selection that you’ll find at thredUP. Plus- you can shop on your bum, with coffee in hand. I mean, win win.

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No work involved. Baller.


For many people, spring cleaning is a chance to clear out all the clutter and start fresh. For me, it’s a time to empty out my closet and sell everything on ThredUp (they send you a postmarked bag and put all your clothes up for sale — no work involved. Baller.) Then I use that cash to buy all the stuff I’ve marked with a “heart” on Shop It To Me so I can watch the price as it drops (yeah, like I pay full price for anything anymore).

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9 tips for closet organization


6. Purge Regularly – It’s kind of ridiculous how many clothes I can accumulate over the span of a year. I think I might be a bit of a clothes junkie. I recently discovered ThredUp, which is basically an upscale, online thrift store/consignment shop. Not only do I shop for high end brands at a fraction of the cost, but I use it to “recycle” my wardrobe and earn store credit. Love. I keep a “clean out bag” on the floor by some of my bags and when I notice a piece I’m not using anymore, in it goes. When the bag is full, I send it back…postage paid. You will want to check out ThredUp if you haven’t before AND be sure to come back later this week for a fun little goodie they’re offering just for you!

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Make Money From Your Clothes with ThredUP


Well, lo and behold, sometime in February I got an email that my items had been listed on the site. It didn’t stop there. thredUP also sent me an email with screenshots of my clothing for sale on the site. Then, I got an email every time one of my items sold, with headlines like “Nice Work” or “Sweet.” Those emails, featuring a picture of an item that I’d worn and loved in the past, would make my day…I even got an email directly from the chief marketing officer asking me about my experience. To which I responded, and to which he responded again. Love it. The way thredUP continued to reach out to me, really kept me engaged in the whole process, and I truly enjoyed that. A few weeks after my items were listed, I got an email saying my payout was ready, but I let it sit in the thredUP bank and requested a second bag.

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