Think consignment store right to your door

Weekends are really precious time to me and there’s one thing I really don’t like doing any more – clothes shopping in stores. This is probably mixed with the fact that I want to save every dime to work on our house. That’s where ThredUp came in… Before I my [clean out] bag got here, I ordered a few things – two shirts and a pair of shoes – for only $18! Pretty excited about the fact that if for some reason I didn’t like something, I didn’t spend that much on it.

I was seriously blown away by the quality of what we received.


I wasn’t sure what quality to expect when the items came. Everything is detailed really well on the site in terms of if there are any tiny stains or fading. They only except high quality items. But I was seriously blown away by the quality of what we received. Every single item she ordered looked brand new. I seriously could not tell that this was used clothing. She was thrilled with her purchases. But if she wasn’t I have 30 days to return anything that didn’t work.

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Earn some summer spending cash and clear the closets. It is a win-win!


You may be saying, “Gently used? Are you kidding? My kids wear their clothes out!”  I bet you once you start digging you’ll find some really great pieces to send in.  If your kids are like mine, they wear their favorites over and over again, leaving the rest of what is in their closet to be practically new. And, thredUp is willing to pay you for them!  They are preparing for back-to-school and need some fabulous clothes and shoes to sell!

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What a steal! Seriously.


When I found out that thredUP had started selling from their handbag collection, I knew I needed to check it out! I looked every few days as new items were added until I finally stumbled upon this beauty and immediately put it in my cart. This clutch is in like-new condition, was originally a $70 bag, and I got it for $17. What a steal! Seriously. I am in love with it and can’t wait to use it!

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I was so excited when I first found out about thredup. I am completely obsessed with shopping with them.


I love that thrifting just got a whole lot easier. I don’t have to spend hours looking through racks to only find a few pieces I love. In just a short amount of time I fill my cart up with items that are my size and my style. Although I won’t ever give up shopping at my local thrift stores this is a great way to complement my thrift shopping habits. 

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